Nicolas Perticari Pesci

HES Graduate, Certificate
PhD student
HES student graduate, Nicolas Perticari Pesci


  • Certificate
  • Disciplinary Track: N/A
  • Since completing the certificate, Nicolas has been accepted into a PhD program at Mines in Environmental Engineering Sciences under Dr. Jessica Smith

Why did you select the HES program?

I had just started at Mines with the MS in Advanced Energy Systems but noticed that my curriculum did not offer any course work in community development or sustainable engagement, so it was through Dr. Lucena’s Advanced Engineering and Sustainable Community Development course that I was exposed to the HES program and worked to include it into my own curriculum.

What did you learn from this program and do you recommend it for others?

The certificate in HES provided me with a breadth and scope that is stifled in conventional engineering education. After completing, I was able to conduct Community Benefits Plans, a new requirement for all Department of Energy  funding, which benefited my work prior to starting the Phd.

I believe students who are growing conscious of their impacts and are looking for new frameworks in engineering would benefit from this program. Additionally, it is a program that teaches how engineering and engineering mindsets can be positively applied outside of the engineering sphere.