ECD Minor

Minor in Engineering for Community Development (ECD)

Our minor in Engineering for Community Development (ECD) is an evolution of the country’s first minor in Humanitarian Engineering created in 2003. Designed specifically for engineers and applied scientists who want to serve communities, the ECD minor prepares Mines students to become leaders in community development through engineering.

Graduates of the ECD minor can work in the US Peace Corps (see Mines Peace Corps Prep Program), community service NGOs, international organizations or inside of corporations in projects related to community development.  The knowledge and skills learned in the ECD minor will prepare graduates for any engineering job involving community engagement, cross-cultural work environments, and human-centered design.

The minor is 18 credits (6 courses) and includes a mix of social science and engineering courses, and is designed to fit into the flowchart for your major. Please email Prof. Juan Lucena, Director of Humanitarian Engineering Undergraduate Programs, at and Julia Roos, Associate Director of Humanitarian Engineering, at sign up for the minor or for advice on course selection.


Course Code
Course Title
H&SS elective credit
A. Introductory Course
EDNS 315 Engineering for Social and Environmental Responsibility 3
B. Area 1 – Engineers and Development (6 credits required)*
EDNS 477 Engineering and Sustainable Community Development  3
EDNS 475 Engineering Cultures in the Developing World 3
EDNS 478 Engineering and Social Justice 3
EDNS 479 Community-Based Research 3
EDNS 480                   Anthropology of Development                                                                                       3                                            
Area 2 – Community-Centered Design (6 hours its required)**
EDNS 301 Human Centered Problem Definition 3 X
EDNS 401 Projects for People 3 X
**EDNS 251 – Design II can be substituted if class project is directly related to community development
D. Capstone Design Course (3 credits)***
EDNS 492 Senior Design 3 X
CEEN 477 Sustainable Engineering Design 3 X
***Students in Civil, Environmental, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Bachelors in Science and Engineering (BSE), or Computer Science majors can take EDNS492. For majors not previously listed, take CEEN 477.