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Gold Nuggets: Humanitarian Engineering Interview Series

In this interview, co-hosted by two geological engineers, Dr. Alexis Navarre-Sitchler discusses the ethical and socio-technical applications of geological engineering. Dr. Navarre-Sitchler has studied aqueous geochemistry, with a special focus on CO2 contamination of groundwater.

Hear from Mines Humanitarian Engineering Executive Director and Electrical Engineering Professor Dr. Kevin Moore about his experience working, teaching, and researching as an electrical engineer while focusing on design, education, diversity, and inclusion. Dr. Moore’s interests include iterative learning, robotics, and robotics systems.

Listen as we discuss with Mines Civil Engineering Professor Dr. Marte Gutierrez about what responsible and ethical engineering looks like in different engineering fields. Dr. Gutierrez’s main interests are Geomechanics and Energy and Environmental Sustainability.

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