HE Courses

Each semester we offer a variety of courses taught by HE core and affiliated faculty. These courses are open to all Mines students who meet the pre-requisites, even if you do not enroll in the full minor. These include:

Course Code
Course Title
HASS Elective Credit
EDNS 315 Engineering for Social and Environmental Responsibility 3
EDNS 377 Engineering and Sustainable Community Development 3
EDNS 430 Corporate Social Responsibility 3
EDNS 478 Engineering and Social Justice 3
EDNS 479 Engineers Engaging Communities 3
EDNS 498 Environmental Law and Sustainability 3
EDNS 301 Human Centered Problem Definition 3 X
EDNS 401 Projects for People 3 X
CEEN 475 Site Remediation 3
CEEN 477 Sustainable Engineering Design 3 X
MNGN 498/HASS 498 Communities & Natural Resource Development 3
MNGN 498  Sustainable Development of Mineral Resources 3 X
HASS 325 Cultural Anthropology 3