Transform Engineering Education

Our HE program and its two minors—Engineering for Community Development (historically known as the “HE minor”) and Leadership in Social Responsibility—have grown out of a desire to transform engineering education to prepare students to become powerful agents for positive change in society by putting social justice, responsibility and sustainability at the heart of engineering solutions and designs. We do this by teaching engineering students:

  • To define and solve problems WITH people who think differently than they do. csr workshop
  • To recognize that engineering problems, solutions, and applications areNEVER purely technical but are ALWAYS socio-technical in nature .
  • To create truly innovative solutions by integrating engineering and the social sciences, as found in our HE courses and our faculty mix.

We are forming the next generation of engineering professionals who can:

  • Understand, value and work with people from many different perspectives (including non-engineers) towards the solution of the world’s most pressing problems.
  • Effectively connect their engineering expertise with their passion and commitment for social change.
  • Work on behalf on the three pillars of sustainability—People, Planet and Profit—without having to sacrifice any of the pillars.