Please join us for a celebration of our achievements over the past 20 years and take a look ahead at our goals for the future of Humanitarian Engineering at Mines!

We will celebrate with pre-event workshops in the week prior, concluding with a retrospective mixer and celebratory banquet. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Workshops and Guest Lecture

September 5 - Exploring the intersection of STEM & society through CSR and ESG

Time: 3-4 PM, with refreshments
Location: Ballroom A
Presenter: Dr. Jessica Smith
Abstract: The rise of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the social license to operate, ESG (Environment-Social-Governance), and Justice40 signals that debates about the public accountabilities of businesses and universities continue to be hotly contested. In this workshop, participants will learn how STEM practice and research can contribute to a variety of desired social goals, from social acceptance to social justice. The first step is identifying the inherent social dimensions of apparently “technical” problems. The workshop will also share strategies for integrating CSR and ESG into teaching and learning.

September 6 - Introduction to the Humanitarian Engineering Program at Mines

Time: 11:30 AM-1:00 PM, with lunch
Location: Green Center 224
Presenter: Dr. Kevin Moore
Abstract: The session is intended to provide a general introduction to the Humanitarian Engineering Program at the Colorado School of Mines. We will describe the basic ideas of humanitarian engineering and how these are incorporated into the various HE programs at Mines, including undergraduate minors, focus areas in the Design Engineering degree, the graduate interdisciplinary Humanitarian Engineering and Science degree, student club activities, the Engineering with Communities Design Studio, and more. The session will be helpful for people from CASA, Admissions, the Foundation, the Career Center, Student Life, MEP, and DI&A as well as students who want to learn about our program, including advising recommendations and information about how to get involved.

Also available via Zoom

September 12 - Integrating Humanitarian Engineering into your Classroom and Programs

Time: 3-5 PM, with refreshments
Location: Green Center 200F
: Dr. Juan Lucena
Abstract: The goal of this workshop is to collaboratively develop strategies to advance the work that engineering educators do in the areas of community engagement, frugal engineering, humanitarian engineering, ethics, social entrepreneurship, and related areas to accentuate inherent issues of social justice and social responsibility.

Based on their research and programmatic experience in these areas, workshop facilitators will outline multiple potential spaces for action, including the
a) writing and teaching of engineering problems (the problem space);
b) development and teaching of courses (the course space);
c) boundary between the technical and social components of the curriculum (the boundary space); and
d) the development of programs such as minors and certificates (the program space).

These four spaces constitute the primary domains within the locus of control of most engineering educators. Whether we work in engineering design, the engineering sciences, or develop Humanities/Social Science (HSS) courses for engineers, this workshop will allow participants to assess which space(s) is (are) the most effective to initiate or continue reform in their own institution.

September 13 - Are we being reciprocal?! A systematic review of Reciprocity in Community-Based Learning

Time: 3-4 PM, with refreshments
Location: Brown Building W210
: Dr. David A. Delaine, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University
Abstract: Scholars agree that reciprocity—mutuality in a partnership between an educational institution and a community—is a cornerstone of Community-Based learning (CBL); however, operationalization of this concept varies widely in engineering practice and across disciplines. To enhance the potential of CBL practice to fulfill its promise for societal impact, engineering educators and scholars must understand how reciprocity is achieved, recognize the barriers that inhibit its progress, and identify strategies for how it can be strengthened. Therefore, I will present results from a systematic review conducted to evaluate how and to what extent reciprocity is pursued and enacted in the engineering SLCE literature. Through our analysis and discussion of the coded data, we observed that our codes—informed by the reciprocity literature—could function as an emergent analytical framework. In our discussion, I will present findings that provide insight into the form and extent to which reciprocity is currently present in engineering service-learning. Our results suggest that to enact more equitable SLCE, researchers and practitioners must intentionally conceptualize reciprocity, translate it into practice, and make visible the ways in which reciprocity is enacted within their SLCE outcomes.

Bio: Dr. David A. Delaine is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Education at The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering. He leads the Inclusive Community-based Learning (iCBL) Lab that advances knowledge on the ways in which community-based learning (service-learning, outreach, volunteerism) in engineering can impact local communities, students, and other participating stakeholders through reciprocal partnership. The iCBL develops evidence-based approaches within CBL contexts that can support the formation of reflexive engineering professionals while promoting social justice and broadening participation outcomes in engineering. Dr. Delaine is an NSF CAREER awardee who has obtained a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Northeastern University, a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Drexel University, and served as a Postdoctoral Fulbright Scholar at the Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo.

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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