The Shultz Scholarship Program

The Shultz Scholarship program recognizes and rewards students enrolled in the Humanitarian Engineering (HE) program – the master’s degree, the Engineering for Community Development (ECD) minorthe Leadership In Social Responsibility (LSR) minor, the HE Area of Special Interest (ASI), or either of the two HE focus areas of the BSE – who serve as program ambassadors and seek opportunities for collaboration with faculty, alumni, corporations and NGOs, and other universities.

Shultz Scholars and Fellows

Shultz Scholars and Fellows are enrolled HE students who further the program growth and its impact. These students work to promote HE on campus with events such as lunch and learns, Discover and Preview Mines, CSM 101, SRSE and EWB meetings, alumni events, the HES graduate colloquium etc. They help to recruit new students and showcasing their own work in conferences and other venues. In addition, they seek out new opportunities to collaborate with faculty, student groups, alumni, and companies to expand the HE network.

Undergraduate Shultz Scholars dedicate themselves as Humanitarian Engineering ambassadors by:

  • Promoting HE on campus and recruiting new HE students through events such as lunch and learns, Discover Mines, Preview Mines, CSM 101, EWB meetings, alumni events, etc.; by publishing a newsletter; by leading and participating in SRSE, the HE student club; and showcasing their own work in conferences or other venues.
  • Seeking out opportunities and collaborations with faculty, other students and alumni in design projects, research, and outreach. Additional funding may be available for travel and project support.
  • Supporting the group Shultz Scholars project that the whole team will lead throughout the academic year.
  • Coordinating activities and meeting regularly with the HE Associate Director and faculty.
  • Mentoring other HE students while at Mines; additional mentoring opportunities may be identified following your graduation, depending on the alignment of your interests and HE student goals.

For undergraduates, each scholarship will be approximately $8,500 per semester (equivalent to the cost of one semester of in-state tuition and fees). Scholarships awarded in the Fall semester are reassessed for continuity in the Spring semester based on performance and commitment to the mission and values of the HE program. Preference will be given to students who have not previously received the scholarship, but previous recipients can apply and will be considered. To apply for the undergraduate Shultz Family Scholarships, please see the call for undergraduate applications available here.

Graduate Shultz Fellows will be selected from the application pool of incoming students, and current students will be considered if there are leftover funds. Potential graduate fellows will be evaluated based on their demonstrated and potential leadership in humanitarian engineering and science.