Real World Experts

We are proud to provide an intellectual home to influential, pathbreaking thinkers in humanitarian engineering and social responsibility. Two of our current affiliates include:

Dr. Chris Anderson

Dr. Chris Anderson

Principal of Yirri Global

Dr. Chris Anderson, who is currently the Principal of Yirri Global, the social performance consultancy he founded. He has worked as a field practitioner and senior executive in the mining industry for 17 years, with Rio Tinto, Newmont Mining, and Normandy Mining. He is an anthropologist and has worked with and for Indigenous communities on a variety of issues including land claims, Royal Commissions, customary law and similar. In addition, he is a practicing academic and a field anthropologist with community experience with Indigenous peoples around the world.

He is a board member of the World Bank Institute’s Open Contracting Initiative, past chair of the International Council on Mining & Metals Human Rights and Indigenous Peoples Working Group, and was Alumnus of the Year in 2013 at the University of Queensland.

Dr. Anderson holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Queensland in Brisbane Australia where he is also an Adjunct Professor. He is currently Affiliate Faculty of the Engineering, Design and Society Division at CSM.

Marie Stettler Kleine

Marie Stettler Kleine

STS Scholar at Virginia Tech

Marie Stettler Kleine conducts research on humanitarian engineering practice and pedagogy around the world, exploring its origins, purposes, and potential futures. Marie uses methods from anthropology, sociology, and history. She is especially interested in the roles of values–both secular and religious–in humanitarian engineers’ pursuit to “do good.” Marie recently spent a semester at Colorado School of Mines conducting interviews, observations, and archival work for this research.

Marie’s interest in values and engagement in professional cultures also extends to innovation and its experts. With Matthew Wisnioski and Eric Hintz, Marie co-edited Does America Need More Innovators? (MIT Press, 2019). This project engages innovation’s champions, critics, and reformers in critical participation.

As an educator, Marie challenges engineers to think holistically. She has co-taught Engineering Cultures with Gary Downey, a class that introduces students to the historical and contemporary formation of the engineering profession around the globe. She also has assisted in Foundations of Engineering, exposing first-year engineering students to team design and engineering ethics.

Marie holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering and international studies from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and an M.S. in Science and Technology Studies from Virginia Tech. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D.

Dr. Paul Polak

Dr. Paul Polak

Founder and CEO of Windhorse International

Dr. Paul Polak was the founder and CEO of Windhorse International, a for-profit social venture that led a revolution in how companies design, price, market and distribute products to benefit the nearly three billion customers who live on less than $2 a day, combining radically affordable technology with radically decentralized supply chains to earn profits serving bottom billion customers.

For 30 years, Paul worked with thousands of farmers in countries around the world—including Bangladesh, India, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, Zambia and Zimbabwe–to help design and produce low–cost, income–generating products that have already moved more than 20 million people out of poverty.

Prior to his development work, Paul practiced psychiatry for 23 years in Colorado. To better understand the environments influencing his patients, Paul would visit their homes and workplaces. After a trip he made to Bangladesh, he was inspired to use the skills he had honed while working with homeless veterans and mentally ill patients in Denver to serve the 800 million people living on a dollar a day around the world.

Paul served as an Executive in Residence within the Division of Engineering, Design, and Society at CSM, helping infuse our curriculum with real-world expertise and approaches to identifying and solving problems with customers in authentic contexts.