Paige Kadavy

HES Graduate, Master’s Professional
Community Development Specialist at a Technical Assistance Non-Profit
Image of HES Graduate, Paige Kadavy


  • Master’s Professional
  • Environmental Track
  • Practicum Topic: Integrated education in engineering; through a qualitative assessment, Paige showed the need for integrated education in technical disciplines and generated a framework for execution. 

Work After Graduation

Paige is working as a Community Development Specialist with a technical assistance nonprofit. The focus of her work is with contaminated water in under-served communities.

The HES program showed me how to implement my education in the community development space and how to utilize my technical training in a holistic way. I learned how to look at problems through multiple lenses and address concerns coming from any and all stakeholders.

Who should consider the HES program?

I think all students would benefit from a taste of HES. As far as considering it for a graduate program path, I would suggest students who feel compelled to do more with their engineering education and want to have a real, tangible social impact. Students who have a desire to think critically about our world and our work in.