Peace Corps Prep

Are you looking for:

  • A way to put your Mines engineering or science degree to use in service to others?
  • An international job that’s also an adventure?
  • A chance to build peace and understanding between peoples?
  • An opportunity to serve your country — and the world?

HE is proud to be a partner in the Peace Corps Prep certificate program at Mines.

It is the first in the state and is a joint program of Mines and the US Peace Corps. The program will help you become a better Peace Corps volunteer candidate and a better global citizen.

The Peace Corp Prep certificate is designed to be earned through your HE coursework.

For more information, visit the Peace Corps Prep website or contact us:

Kay Godel-Gengenbach
Peace Corps Prep Coordinator
I am the Scholarship and Fellowship Advisor and a returned Peace Corps volunteer (Krakow, Poland). I am willing to meet with any student considering the Peace Corps Prep program.

Juan Carlos Lucena
Humanitarian Engineering Director of Undergraduate Programs
Peace Corps Prep Coordinator
Contact me with questions about the Humanitarian Engineering Program minors and how they work with Peace Corps Prep.

If you’re not sure whether going abroad is for you, check out this page to help you compare your potential participation in Peace Corps and AmeriCorps.