HE Lecture Series and Other Events

HE December 2019 Graduating Students Celebration!

December 5th (Review Day) 10 AM-12 PM

Join us for a waffle party to celebrate the end of the semester and our graduating seniors!!

Engineering Annex Classrooms – come hungry!


Socially Responsible Scientists and Engineers (SRSE) Events

From Idea to Reality: Project Process

Monday, November 25th 6-7 PM


Cassidy Grady (SRSE President) will hold a project workshop on how to take your great ideas and implement them in the real-world in a meaningful way. Cassidy recently attended the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) Alumni Meet-up in New York City where great ideas and projects were plentiful. She will share what she learned from the conference about shaping the purpose of a project or initiative in order for effective execution, as well as her own experiences with engineering and non-engineering project management. Join SRSE for a discussion and workshop, and don’t forget to bring your ideas!

SRSE and our humanitarian engineering partners at Mines are working on big things, and need your help!

SRSE Symposium Crowdfunding Campaign

Socially Responsible Scientists and Engineers (the Humanitarian Engineering student club) reached their original goal on their crowdfunding campaign, and have established a stretch goal of $800. With these additional funds, they can expand the number of students, educators, and community members they can reach and educate about the importance of socially responsible engineering. Visit their crowdfunding campaign page to learn more about their project.

#Humanitarian #Engineering 

Humanitarian Geophysics Seismometer Crowdfunding Campaign

For those of you interested in learning more about undergraduate student involvement in Mines humanitarian geophysics, we have an update from a group focusing on constructing low-cost seismometers used to conduct groundwater surveys in Benin, West Africa. This system build is based on the use of Raspberry Pi microcomputers and is designed to be used in active and passive seismic surveys. This team had the opportunity to deploy their system in Benin last summer and is producing an updated version of the system this year. Visit their crowdfunding campaign page to learn more about their project. 

#Humanitarian #Geophysics