HE Lecture Series

Tuesday, October 22nd – 5-6 p.m. Berthoud 241

Amy Javernick-Will

After the Mess: Engineers, Resilient Infrastructure and Communities in the Midst of Post-Disaster Recovery

What enables community recovery after disasters?

This session will review findings from post-disaster research conducted by the Global Projects and Organizations research group at CU-Boulder from India and the Philippines. We will discuss how factors, such as community participation, influence recovery; if and how relocating communities influences disaster risk reduction; and present new findings on how and why a household’s perception of safe shelter differs from engineering performance assessments of shelter.

Pizza will be served!

The conversation will led by Amy Javernick-Will, Associate Professor and the Associate Director for Graduate Education and Research at the Mortenson Center in Global Engineering. Also contributing will be Ph.D. candidates Shaye Palagi, Casie Venable, and Briar Goldwyn. 


Co-sponsored by Humanitarian Engineering, Socially Responsible Scientists and Engineers (SRSE), and Mines Without Borders (MWB)

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