Empowering Faculty

Through our HE programs, courses and projects, faculty find opportunities to transform their teaching (thus enhancing student learning, retention and engagement) by

  • Becoming members of a community of practice that learns together, experiments with state-of-the-art pedagogies and content, and participates together in wider networks of engineering education reformers committed to social justice, responsibility and sustainability.
  • Creating, teaching and participating in courses and projects that connect the technical and social dimensions of engineering in very explicit and intentional ways, allowing themselves, and their students, to make engineering relevant to the world’s most pressing problems.
  • Closely interacting with alumni, outside experts, corporate officials, communities, and other intended users, in ways that keeps their teaching fresh and innovative.

csr workshop

Our HE program supports faculty in achieving these transformational goals through a number of initiatives, including

  • The Shultz Family HE Faculty Fellow Program which enables faculty to (1) develop, pilot, assess and improve a HE course and (2) develop and lead a student team in a two-semester HE project.
  • On campus faculty development workshops where together we learn ways to integrate social justice, responsibility and sustainability in our courses and projects.
  • Lecture series, alumni interest groups, and site visits to corporations and communities.
  • Participation in research and education grants that allow faculty to travel, learn and interact with students and communities in different cultural settings, organized around different problem