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Peace Corps Prep and Humanitarian Engineering

Peace Corps Prep

Those interested in working in sustainable community development overseas after graduation have a substantial hurdle to overcome: It's really, really hard to break into the field. Most employers want experience -- but how do you gain that experience?

For over 55 years there has been one excellent way to jumpstart on an international-development career: the Peace Corps.

In 2016, Mines became the first school in Colorado with a Peace Corps Prep program. This program -- available to all students -- lets you fine tune your Humanitarian Engineering degree, and gain expertise in grass-roots development, leadership, and volunteer work while still a student. If you want to join the Peace Corps after graduation, this program will make you the most competitive applicant you can be. If not, Peace Corps Prep will certify to employers that you have a very particular set of skills that they will find highly useful.

See what Peace Corps Prep at Mines has to offer, and sign up now!


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