Apply for a Humanitarian Engineering Scholarship

Deadline for submissions: May 15, 2015
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The main goal of these scholarships is to reward Humanitarian Engineering (HE) students who are committed to exploring the connection between HE and emerging challenges at CSM and surrounding communities.

Program Size

Five scholarships will be awarded for the Fall 2015 semester. Each scholarship will be approximately $8,420 (equivalent to the cost of one semester in-state tuition and fees)

Time Frame 

· May 15, 2015: Deadline to submit application packet via email to Prof. Juan Lucena (

· Summer 2015: HE Advisory Committee reviews applications

· August 2015: Awards announced and funds deposited in students’ accounts



To be eligible to compete for these scholarships, students MUST:

· be enrolled in the HE minor program by May 15, 2015

· have a minimum GPA of 2.7

· submit an essay responding to one of the prompts in page 2

You are not eligible if you received a Shultz scholarship in previous years.

Required Application Contents

· An original essay addressing the prompts provided below (500 words min, 1,000 words max; 12 pt font, 1.5 line space, PDF format)

· An unofficial copy of your undergraduate transcript  showing enrollment in the HE Minor(PDF format)

Selection Criteria

Via email, successful applicants will submit an essay that demonstrates originality, sophistication of thought, clarity in presentation, and commitment to link HE approaches with one of the following (make sure to read HE program mission and outcomes):

· The impact of extractive industries on communities wellbeing.

· The difficulties that low-income/first generation students encounter when trying to enter and stay in engineering.

· The challenges that students with disabilities face when studying in traditional learning environments.

· The issues that poor communities in and around Golden face (e.g., housing, energy, transportation, child care, recreation facilities, etc.)


Given the privilege of receiving such a generous scholarship, Shultz scholars will be expected to:

· serve as mentors at the IDEA Lab (Red Rocks Community College, RRCC) for community-college students interested in transferring to CSM (10 hours of mentoring during the Fall semester);

· present Humanitarian Engineering in CSM 101 during Fall 2015 to motivate incoming students to consider HE as a minor; and,

· help organize an HE event (e.g., lecture, panel discussion, meeting with Harvey scholars, film, fundraising with EWB, etc.) to promote the program among the wider CSM community.








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