Finding a Job in Humanitarian Engineering

Maybe you'd like to focus your career on Humanitarian Engineering, but wonder if there are jobs available in the field. Wonder no more.

Mines students can log into DiggerNet to search thousands of openings for those that really suit their interests. Search for terms like "humanitarian" "rural development" or "sustainable" for the job of your dreams.

Active on DiggerNet now:

Application deadline April 23, 2014: Corporate Social Responsibility Intern.
"The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team at Enbridge Inc. is recruiting a CSR Intern for the period May – August 2014. This position requires residency in Calgary for the duration of the internship. We are seeking an engineering undergrad student who is minoring in Humanitarian Engineering." Visit DiggerNet to apply.

Or check out the Engineering for Change* Twitter feed for more good job ideas:

 * Engineering for Change is an independent, external organization not affiliated with, or necessarily endorsed by, the Colorado School of Mines.

Peace Corps logo
Interested in international development as a career? If you're 18 years or older, in good health, and a US citizen, the US Peace Corps** is a way to get your foot in the door of this very competitive field. (A bachelor's degree -- especially with a Humanitarian Engineering minor or experience with Engineers Without Borders, Bridges to Prosperity, and similar student clubs -- will give you a substantial leg up in the application process.)

In an event co-sponsored by Humanitarian Engineering at Mines, NASA Astronaut Joe Acaba -- himself a returned Peace Corps volunteer -- recently spoke about how his volunteer experience in the Dominican Republic came in handy on the International Space Station.

Less well known is another Peace Corps program called Peace Corps Response -- short-term, high-impact international-development and humanitarian-relief jobs in which trained people are needed quickly for specific tasks. While many Peace Corps Response openings require successful completion of a regular, 27-month Peace Corps volunteer assignment, some are open to anyone with relevant skills.

** The US Peace Corps is an independent governmental organization not affiliated with, or necessarily endorsed by, the Colorado School of Mines (though a number of Mines students, faculty, and staff are returned Peace Corps Volunteers).


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