Previous Humanitarian Engineering Events at MInes

Past speakers and events in the recent history of the Humanitarian Engineering Program at Mines:


Shultz Family Leadership in Humanitarian Engineering and CSMAA presents Leslie Collins (HPE and Mines Alumni CS '98). 4-4.50 p.m. Tuesday, April 19, MZ122. Click here for flyer. Join the reception after in the Marquez Atrium, please RSVP at
Engineering and Social Justice Week begins March 29th and concludes March 31st. Andres Valderrama will be our guest lecturer, please see the attached flyer for the different lecture times and place. This lecture series is co-sponsored by the Design EPICS program.
Humanitarian Engineering Lecture Series presents Strategic Resources for Development: the State and Contested Energy projects in South America by Javiera Barandiaran. 10-10.50 a.m. Tuesday, February 16, MZ326. Click here for flyer.
Humanitarian Engineering Lecture Series presents Grounding Offshore Oil: Temporary Infrastructure in a Permanent Frontier by James Blair. 11-11.50 a.m. Monday, February 8, AH140. Click here for flyer.
Humanitarian Engineering Lecture Series presents Unconventional Resources and Unconventional Boomtowns:  Understanding the New Technopolitics of Oil & Gas Extraction in the American West by Adrienne Kroepsch. 11-11.50 a.m. Wednesday, February 3, CO212. Click here for the flyer.

FALL 2015

Humanitarian Engineering Lecture Series presents Redefining Engineering: Becoming a socially responsible engineer by critically questioning engineering education by Canaan Reeverts (Breathrough Institute, CSM Alumnus). 12-12.50 p.m. Wednesday, November 18, MZ335. Click here for the flyer.
Shultz Family Leadership in HE Speaker Series presents a discussion panel:  Comparing Corporate Social Responsibility in the Energy and Mining Industries: Three Perspectives from the American West, with Jessica Smith (CSM), Roopali Phadke (Macalester College) and Christine Labuski (Virginia Tech). 2-3 p.m. Friday, November 13, MZ 122. Click here for the flyer.
Shultz Family Leadership in HE Speaker Series presents Dr. Tyler Priest: Oil on the Edge: The Interrelated Histories of Petroleum in the Alaskan Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico. 6-7 p.m. Wednesday, October 21, BBW 280. This event is a collaboration with Hennebach Program in the Humanities, the McBride Honors Program and Mines Without Borders.



  • The Humanitarian Engineer film documentary US Premier is a collaboration with EWB/B2P. This film documentary is by Australian producer, engineer, EWB member, Sheena Ong.  We are very proud to have this screening on campus, 6-7.30 p.m. Monday, April 27, Friedhoff Hall.  The event will kick off with a panel discussion -- refreshments are available while it lasts! Please RSVP here to attend this event.
  • Patty Limerick (Professor of History and Director, Center of the American West University of Colorado at Boulder) will be part of our Shultz Family Leadership in Humanitarian Engineering speaker series in collaboration with WE2ST, with a talk on: Fractured Disciplines Meet Hydraulic Fracturing:  A Cost/Benefit Analysis of Collaboration Between the Social Sciences/Humanities and Engineering Sciences. 3-4 p.m. Wednesday, March 25, SC Ballroom DFlyerPDF versionText only version poster sessions starts at 2.30 p.m.!
  • David Atkins (Social Performance - Group Community Engagement Advisor Shell Global Solutions US) will be part of our Shultz Family Leadership in Humanitarian Engineering speaker series, with a talk on: Bringing the outside in – How listening to communities leads to better engineering and development outcomes. 4-5 p.m. Wednesday, February 18, SC Ballroom C. FlyerPDF versionText only version
  • Steve Crowell (Pluspetrol Resources Corporation) will be part of our Shultz Family Leadership in Humanitarian Engineering speaker series, in collaboration with WE2ST. The talk is titled: Are you ready to challenge your education? Reconciling budgets, politics, communities and the environment in the oil and gas industry. 4-5 p.m. Wednesday, February 4, SC Ballroom C. FlyerPDF versionText only version

FALL 2014

  • Stephanie Fleckenstein: Expectations and Experiences of an Engineer Serving in the United States Peace Corps. 12.30-2 p.m. Thursday, September 11, Hill Hall 202. FlyerPDF versionText only version
  • Elaine Dorward-King (Newmont's Executive Vice President of Sustainability and External Relations) will be part of our Shultz Familly Leadership in Humanitarian Engineering speaker series, with a talk about "Engineering Shared Value…. An engineer’s role in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development at Newmont". Please join us for this event 4-5 pm Wednesday, September 24, Marquez Hall 222. FlyerPDF versionText only version
  • Nicole Smith (Cultural Anthropologist and Adjunct Faculty at CSM and CU Boulder) will be part of our Shultz Family Leadership in Humanitarian Engineering speaker series, with a talk about "Corporate Social Responsibility and Artisanal Mining: Engineering Win-Win Opportunities for Large and Small Scale Mining". Please join us for this event 4-5 pm Wednesday, October 15, Marquez Hall 222. FlyerPDF versionText only version
  • Kaitlin Litchfield and Jeff Walters are both doctorate candidates and Mortenson Fellows in Engineering for Developing Communities (EDC) at CU Boulder.  They will share their respective research on Tuesday, November 18th, CO219 and Thursday, November 20th, HH202. Both are scheduled for 12.30 - 2.00 pm. More details for these events can be found herePDF versionText only version


  • What's new with Humanitarian Engineering:  Engineers Serving Communities, HE Meet and Greet with students, staff and faculty from the program (February 5) FlyerPDF versionText only version
  • Jeff Walters (Mortenson Center in Engineering for Developing Communities, CU-Boulder) recounts his research on sustainable rural water services in developing countries (February 26) FlyerPDF versionText only version
  • Michael Dougherty (Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Illinois State University) kicks off the Shultz Familly Leadership in Humanitarian Engineering speaker series with an exploration of trust, technology, and expertise in Guatemalan gold-mining conflicts. For large multinationals, what is the role of Corporate Social Responsibility when interacting with a local community affected by mining activities? Can the local community be empowered through such interactions? (March 19) FlyerPDF versionText only version and AbstractPDF versionText only version
  • Human-Centered Design Week (flyerPDF versionText only version) with Andrés Valderrama Pinneda (Center for Design and Innovation for Sustainable Development, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, Denmark). All events are free and open to the public and are co-sponsored by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the College of Engineering and Computational Sciences Senior Design Program, and the Engineers Without Borders/Bridges to Prosperity student chapter at Mines.
    • "Transportation Systems, Engineers, and Social Justice (Part I)," April 1
    • "What is a good design for people? What is a good design with people?" April 1
    • "Environmental Engineering Seminar: Environmental Engineering in Denmark," April 2
    • "Design With People" (a "specialization track" in the Master's in Sustainable Design program at Aalborg University) April 3
    • "Transportation Systems, Engineers, and Social Justice (Part II) April 3
  • Mark Reiner (Founder of Symbiotic Engineering in Boulder, Colorado) talks about "Master Planning, Public Health, and the Role of Infrastructure Evaluation and Sustainability Assessment Considerations in Retrofitting Two Capital Cities for Sustainable Development" (AbstractPDF versionText only version) April 10 FlyerPDF versionText only version

  • Please join in the Third Annual Engineers Without Borders-Bridges to Prosperity Silent Auction and Fundraiser to help fund the club's ongoing development projects in Nicaragua. Bid on amazing arts and crafts from the club's work area in Nicaragua and enjoy a catered pork barbecue meal and local beers (for those 21 and over) April 19

  • Dr. Chris Anderson (Americas Director of Communities and Social Performance at Rio Tinto PLC) continues the Shultz Familly Leadership in Humanitarian Engineering speaker series asking, "What is Corporate Social Responsibility and why should you as an engineer care"? Hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake when a company seeks rights to a resource. What happens when the local community opposes the project? And how can development be done right for both the corporation and the community? April 23 FlyerPDF versionText only version.

  • Join Humanitarian Engineering staff and students at the Posner Center for International Development for the Student Open House and Social Venture panel discussion, May 1, Posner Center Commons

FALL 2013

  • First Humanitarian Engineering Career Workshop: Can you follow your dreams, your passions, and a big paycheck all at the same time? An interactive career workshop (September 4). FlyerPDF versionText only version
  • Humanitarian Engineering partner organization Edge of Seven fundraiser (October 3). Details
  • Amy Javernik-Will (CU-Boulder): Natural disasters and lessons learned about how small rural communities worldwide can build resilience before a disaster and recover quicker afterward (October 9). FlyerPDF versionText only version
  • Second Humanitarian Engineering Career Workshop: More ideas about making a career out of humanitarian engineering (October 16). Flyer PDF versionText only version
  • Jessica Kaminsky (University of Washington): Personal insights about a career in Humanitarian Engineering (October 30) FlyerPDF versionText only version, the PowerPoint presentationPDF versionText only version, or watch her talk in its entirety (43 min).
  • Joe Acaba, a geologist by training, is also the first returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Dominican Republic '94-'96) to become a NASA astronaut. He spoke from Houston via video web conference about his Peace Corps experience and the process and requirements for becoming an astronaut and working at NASA (November 6). Check out a video of the event, below. Flyer

  • Kaitlin Litchfield (PhD candidate at CU-Boulder): "Pathways for Humanitarian Engineers: Insight from EWB-USA Research." (November 6.) FlyerPDF versionText only version
  • James Kent (developer of The Discovery Process): "The Emerging Power of the People Factor" (in collaboration with the SmartGeo IGERT program). (November 12). Flyer
  • Greg Rulifson (PhD candidate at CU-Boulder): Employer interviews about value of humanitarian engineering work (November 20). FlyerPDF versionText only version

Spring 2013

Fall 2012


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